Give a Little, Help a Lot

Give a Little, Help a Lot


Donate - chalk lab

Chalk labs is working closer in enhancing the 3C’s that is creativity curiosity and critical thinking among the underprivileged children.
Chalk_lab 9

Donate - Micro Chalk Lab

A collaborative space, welcoming all NGO’s to join hands with us in this purposeful journey of bringing out the design skills.
Chalk Council

Donate - Chalk Council

A classroom is a place where life values are taught through which child becomes an adult thereby becoming a responsible citizen.
Genie Fellowship

Donate - Genie Fellowship

Genie is a person, a classroom comrade or say an usher to the students and teachers who is appointed to help them in solving problem

Chalk Fuse

Donate - Chalk Fuse

Most NGO’s suffer from not being recognized by the public. This normally happens due to the lack of designers

Mask Group

Donate - Chalk Talk

Chalk Talk, a platform for you to speak. Be a designer or not, be a design-related topic or not. We are here to hear you speak..

Chalk Van

Donate - Chalk Van

Chalk Van is a 10 week program. Every week the team will visit the place and live session will be conducted.
Chalk Library

Donate - Chalk Library

Chalk Library, a creative library for kids. This library stands out of other usual libraries in many ways starting from access the books
Donate - Eventive

Donate - Eventive

“Events + Creative = Eventive” This team plans and conducts various kinds of creative events

Donate us for reaching our products

Chalk School

Donate - Chalk School

If you are an enthusiast learner and wish to learn user experience design, the Chalk School team is there to enhance your career.
Donate - CHalkstore

Donate - Chalk Store

Chalk store is a platform where our members sell handmade items. The fund raised through selling these items development of rural kids.
Donate - Eventive

Donate - Suslab

We Provides you a appropriate Solution with Appropriate Content, Designs and social media strategies.