If the money we donate helps one child or ease the pain of one family, those funds are well spent.


As designers we wished to address the people who faced hunger due to this quarantine. People like migrants, daily wages ,homeless people suffered a lot from hunger due to the lock down and are still suffering. Besides humans, animals also were affected profoundly. So, we the members of Chalkpiece, came up with the idea of crowd funding along side 3 organisations to raise funds for the People in need.


D4V Volunteers group started by common people who had joined together during 2015 flood in rescue and relief activities at Chennai and Cuddalore. Started in Dec 5 2015. Its now a government registered Society carrying out various welfare activities across the state of Tamil Nadu.


Memes reach faster than news. Marina memes is a team with few people helping the people in this lock down. A meme is a virally transmitted image embellished with text, usually sharing pointed commentary on cultural symbols, social ideas, or current events.

Lockdown and its impact on inward migrant workers of Chennai

In Chennai, more than 25 Lakh of migrant worker has been affected which is 71.44 % of its total labor force and 23% of its total population. The inward migration to Chennai is basically from northern parts of India, north-east and eastern India, while the current situation leads to reverse migration of migrant workers from Chennai to their home state. In Chennai, 74 % of migrant workers belongs to with-in state only, 24 % migrant workers are from other states of India and the rest are from abroad. These workers are majorly involved in Construction, manufacturing, service sector and textile industry in Chennai.

Lockdown and its impact on Daily Wage Workers

There are about 139 million daily laborers in the country approximately, according to the World Economic Forum. The International Labour Organization has said that due to the pandemic and the lockdown, about 400 million workers have been poverty-stricken. Daily-wage laborers are often denied adequate healthcare, nutrition, housing, and sanitation, as many of them work in the informal sector. Daily-wage laborers are mostly from rural areas but are found in cities for work. Many workers have no savings and live in factory dormitories, which were shut down due to the lockdown. As per survey there are more number of families in Chennai that find it hard to fulfill even one meal per day.

Chalkpiece Along With D4V

D4V is an NGO, which helped migrants and their families. There are more than 200 families in and around Chennai who were struggling for at least 1 meal per day. They urgently needed 200 kg rice to be sustain their daily lives. Overall these families needed around 1000 kg rice which costed more than 30k. Chalkpiece along with D4V collected 25k and migrant workers and families that were severely affected due to the pandemic.




Chalkpiece Along With Marina Memes




Marina memes is a team with few people helping the people in this lock down. They particularly focused on supporting daily wagers and their families. As per survey there are more number of families in Chennai that find it hard to fulfill even one meal per day. So Chalkpiece, along with Marina memes started a lock down relief fund to help around 50 daily wager families, whose lives came to a stand still. The funds were raised by posting memes and sharing content through social media.
We have planned to provide a relief pack for those 50 families containing rice, chili powder, wheat, tamarind, rava and oil. Overall, we came up with a funding of Rs. 3300 and helped few families with provisions.

Our Achivement

By the end of our fund collection, chalkpiece collected around Rs.8,300 and helped migrant workers and daily wage workers. We are still trying to help the homeless.