The credential manager application

What’s genie ?

Genie is an Artificial intelligence program that acts as a human-like voice assistant with whom we can not just interact to do tasks like remembering passwords, schedules, and our day to day tasks but, also having human-like interaction allows us to talk to it as a friend, share our thoughts, mental issues and get help from it.

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About Genie’s

Credential manager application

One of the module of Genie is the credential manager application which focuses on storing the credentials of our accounts and to help us remember them

Designed By,

Chalk Piece Team

Hari Haran
Aksash Pai
Anjan Bhulani

About Chalk Piece

We are a group of designers, incorporating and addressing the pressing need for experience design to solve social problems(with a commitment to spread design). We aim at building a design-driven ecosystem where design augments emerging technology and bring in the next level of disruption for the innovative product

Project Overview

We all use so many online applications, and have to remember all those passwords all the time, especially in this busy life becomes a difficult work


To create an application that provides a easy and a secure palce to keep all the passwords which can be accessed securely.

Design process


Problem gathering


Pain points
Problem Statement






Handover to developer


Problem gathering

With millions of products online, we have to have an account in for personal and professional use. To access those accounts we have to enter the ID and password. People having too many accounts tend to forget the passwords even get confused about which passwords were used in which account, which results in them having to reset the password every time.
To remember passwords better we keep the same passwords across all the platforms or end up writing it down online in a note app, messaging app, or scribbled on a book.


Pain Points

Forgetting passwords

Users tend to forget the passwords, even the mail id or the user id connecting the account

Forgets to update passwords regularly

It’s always recommended to update the account credentials regularly, but with such busy life people usually don’t bother much about updating the password regularly

Same passwords across all platforms

Keeping the same passwords across all the platforms makes it vulnerable to hacks.

How to have secure passwords?

To remember passwords easily, many users combine their name, and other personal information

Same passwords across all platforms

How might create a platform where users can store any of their account credentials securely and access them easily, be able to generate more secure passwords.


User Flow

Onboarding and Login

Adding password and generating secure password

Other features



Based on the ideation we came across different ideas on how the interface would be.
Quick sketching of the UI helped us have a good idea about the whole interface

Save Password screen
Scan text feature
Home screen

We had 2 different layouts to have it as the primary home screen. After initial testing, we founf that A was having a clear UI and less confusion than B.

With the list layout of accounts – It can hold more information
whereas grid can just hold the icon and the title

Bottom nav – It helps better navigation than having all hidden behind
the profile.

Style Guide



Splash Screen
Start up Screen - First time users
Login screen - First time users
New account - First time users
Login via passsword for recurring users
Main login screen for recurring user
Finger print unlock sucess
Saving master password for new user
Verifying OTP
Adding bio metrics 
for new user
Confirming bio metric
Main home screen
Notes main screen
Account main screen
Add new account category page
New account page
Scan password from text
Scan to auto fill screen
Password account page
Generate password popup
Generate account advanced page
Notes edit page
Login history
Search page

Other Screens

Add new account category page
New account page
Scan password from text
Scan to auto fill screen