A Person who helps as a bridge
between Students and Teachers
Do you think outside the box?
If yes, then this video is for you.
To know more about our GENIE Fellowship Program please do watch our video.

About Genie

Genie is the person who bridges the gap in the learning abilities of kids from the most vulnerable and left behind communities by creating an alternative learning environment so that they overcome the fear of learning and be confident by using their skills to cherish life

Our motto

To bring changes in the method of teaching by diluting the content using feasible and interactive tools and also to accomplish the Genie system in many government schools by enabling alumni as a fellow in their schools

what do we do

Genie selects student group and will collaborate with teachers and students to enhance the understanding between them by problem-solving, building trust, and coming up with activities that would help them to interact in better ways.

Story Telling

Using storytelling method we convey tales or concepts.

Puppet Shows

Puppet shows will help shy kids develop their conversation skills.

Theatre Art

Using theatre art we increase kids self esteem and personality development.

Design Thinking

An approach which will help kids to think a problem from scratch.

Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts will help kids concentrate & grow their creative thoughts.


Modern & traditional games will make kids enjoy and also involved.


The magazine story work will help with prototyping skill

How is this beneficial


Become a GENIE

The Genie person must be a socially concerned, out of the box thinker and must also have a great understanding and passion for teaching.
He/she must communicate well with others to know about the needs of teachers, parents and most importantly with students.
Genie person should take full responsibility in documenting and maintaining reports about students as confidential.
He/she must communicate well with others to know about the needs of teachers, parents and most importantly with students.
Age criteria (18+ and Above )
No qualifications required just needed a mentality to adapt themselves for the role. The person must be fluent with the local language wherever the fellowship is taking place.

How can you contribute


1 year fellowship after 1 year based on the permanence and interest on both side you can extend.
Weekly 3 days and each day 4 hours work at government school.
Genie salary – ₹12,000 | Training material – ₹2,000 | Admin costs – ₹1,000 | Total – ₹15,000/month
Projector – ₹10,000 | Laptop – ₹15,000 | Speakers – ₹2,000 | Cupboard – ₹3,000 | Total – ₹30,000/institution
Two months training 1 month offline and 1 month live training school.