Portfolio Review

By Saha | Sr.Product Designer, Zoho

Portfolio Review Event

Portfolio is Designer’s Index page, every project in a portfolio is a page to understand the person. So, we came up with a Portfolio Review event to help the designers/students where they can get their portfolio reviewed by an industrial expert and also get feedback and their idea behind the perfect portfolio.

Why Review Event?

Building a portfolio is a very important step in starting the designing career, since it is the sole reason for the recruiter or the client to hire you. A badly curated portfolio can pull you down from getting you new projects. And thus, we wanted to help the designers in understanding how to build a professional portfolio and in understanding the current industrial expectations.

Our Solution

We wanted to give confidence to the designers to face the industry with their portfolio. And hence, we thought getting the feedback directly from the industrial expert can make the designers feel confident and help them correct their portfolio according to industrial expectations. So we brought in Saha, Senior designer in ZOHO to help participants review their portfolio and give feedback on the same.

Event Description

Event started off with the review session of the participants. We got 5 Portfolios reviewed. This was followed by Saha ‘s speech on how to build a portfolio and we also arranged a private session with Saha for getting in depth feedback on their portfolio.

about saha

We asked Saha to help us give feedback to the designers on their portfolio. Saha is a well renowned expert in the field of design. He is working as Senior designer in ZOHO. he helps in giving mentorship to the designers and agreed to be help as in this event.

Spot Review

We received a total of 5 portfolios to get reviewed from Saha. Each portfolio was reviewed one by one in detail and given with feedback.

Saha Speech

After the reviews, we asked Saha to share his knowledge and experience in the design field and give a talk. Saha gave a talk for the participants on “How yo make portfolio”.

Private Session

Apart from the spot review we also had an option for a private session with Saha, where the designers can book a 45 minute session with Saha to get their portfolio reviews privately.

Why registration fee

In chalkpiece we always use the registration fee to help the underprivileged children. The registration fee for the event directly helps the children in enhancing their life a little bit.

feedback session

After the reviews and talk we had a feedback session where we asked the participants to give feedback on the overall event and their satisfaction level.


The whole review event was successful. All the portfolios were reviewed and great insights were given on how to make a portfolio. The participants said they had a great experience and got a good idea on how to make a portfolio and also got their portfolio reviewed.